Call for Presentations für die CopyCamp Conference

For the last 5 years, CopyCamp has been a place of a balanced and multi-sided debate about copyright. We have provided a forum for a remarkable number of representatives of cultural institutions and the media, creative sectors, academic, legal, political and non-governmental circles. From Warsaw, we are reaching out towards renowned speakers from the CEE region including the Visegrad Group countries, former USSR members, but also from the “old EU” and the US.

This year we aim at building upon this extraordinary background and facilitate a dialogue particularly focused on the Future of Copyright in Europe. We want to gather the widest possible group of people involved in the discussion about the impact of copyright on social life, education, economy and politics who wish to present their opinions to the international audience. As always, we will be pleased to host all interested parties in the neutral and friendly space, and encourage participants to share thoughts and exchange ideas.

CopyCamp Conference is part of the Future of the Copyright project conducted by the Modern Poland Foundation.

Strategic Partners of the conference are International Visegrad Fund, Google and ZIPSEE Cyfrowa Polska.

CopyCamp is part of the Future of Copyright project conducted by the Modern Poland Foundation.

Open Call for Presentations

The Modern Poland Foundation launched an Open Call for presentations proposals will be collected by July 31, 2016 under the following link:

Thematic Tracks:

  • Copyright and Art

Using existing works of art in one’s own creative work. How to recognize parody? How to quote without risking copyright infringement? Copyright in design, audio-visual works, applied arts. What is the future for people working with ideas? What is their level of awareness in terms of copyright?

  • Remuneration Models

How to pay for access and use of cultural goods (listening, watching, copying, etc.) without supporting information monopolies? How should authors be paid for their creative work? Who should pay authors and on what basis? What are the sources of remuneration? What are current remuneration systems? Which systems could be effective in the Internet?

  • Copyright, Education and Science

Copyright in schools and the Academia. Question of open educational resources. What are educational exceptions? Open access in libraries and cultural institutions (GLAM). How to open scientific publications as compared to opening research data? Open mandates and their practical implementation.

  • Technology, Innovation and Copyright

What is the influence of copyright and patents on development of the innovative and creative society? What is the role of technology in cultural goods distribution? Is coopetition the future of markets?

  • Copyright and Human Rights

How copyright and creativity affects human rights: from privacy protection and freedom of expression to free access to information and the right to cultural goods. Could human rights determine the shape of the copyright system?

  • Copyright Enforcement

Between the letter and the spirit of the law. Court interpretations of copyright infringement verdicts. How to execute copyright? How well are small businesses acquainted with copyright and how does it affect their activities? What is copyright trolling? How to include in enforcement our internal morality and written codes of ethics?

  • Copyright Debate

How to speak about copyright? Language and communication within the copyright debate. The social awareness and myths related with copyright.

  • Copyright Lawmaking

Copyright reform in Europe and all over the world. Who and how affects the letter of copyright on the national, European and international (WIPO) level? What differentiates the European reform from other reforms? What are the trends in copyright in post-soviet countries? What changes are implemented in Asia, South America, Africa or Australia?

* A special V4 track will give opportunity to share experiences, build up cooperation and create common ground for Visegrad Group countries in the context of the UE legislation.

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