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Vape Wattage Guide

Dienstag, 11. Februar 2020

Vape Wattage Guide

How Exactly Does Wattage Affect The Vape – Guide

Many devices currently available (including JAC’s SERIES-B DNA 75W) let you adjust the wattage to your individual choice. Now, that most noises fancy, but what does the wattage impact, and exactly how can you find your ideal that is own wattage?

But, hang on, wattage? We adjust the voltage to my unit!

Don’t stress, voltage and wattage are connected. Wattage stays the exact same across all products, tanks and coils, therefore 10W with one vape coil will fire at 10W on another vape coil.

Nevertheless, if you’re making use of voltage, the specific energy provided will be different with regards to the opposition of the vape coil. As an example, 5v on a 1.8Ohm coil may be about 13.5W of energy, whereas 5v for a 0.5ohm coil will be about 48w.

With this blog, we’ll be speaking about greater and reduced energy amounts, or wattages, instead of certain numbers, if you prefer so you can continue to use your device in voltage mode.

With that out of the real means, let’s go into it…


Then turn your wattage up if you prefer a warmer cloud of vapour. Like it cooler? Change it down. (mehr …)