Jonathan Zittrain: The Future of the Internet – and how to stop it

Oxford- Proffessor Zittrain hat ein Buch über die Zukunft des Internet geschrieben, das sich mit der Architektur, auch der rechtlichen, des Internet auseinandersetzt. Die Reviews von eminenten Zeitzeugen sind beeindruckend:

This book is fundamental. It will define the debate about the future of the Internet, long after we haven’t stopped it. Absolutely required reading.”—Lawrence Lessig, Professor, Stanford Law School, and author of Free Culture and The Future of Ideas

“This remarkably researched and highly entertaining book is a must-read … Zittrain’s analysis is first-class and should be widely heeded by leaders from all sectors of society.”—Dr. Klaus Schwab, Executive Chairman and Founder of the World Economic Forum

“The most compelling book ever written on why a transformative technology’s trajectory threatens to stifle that technology’s greatest promise for society. Zittrain offers convincing road maps for redeeming that promise.”—Laurence H. Tribe, Carl M. Loeb University Professor and Professor of Constitutional Law, Harvard Law School

“Jonathan Zittrain does what no one has before—he eloquently and subtly pinpoints the magic that makes Wikipedia, and the Internet as a whole, work. The best way to save the Internet is to turn off your laptop until you”ve read this book.”—Jimbo Wales, Founder, Wikipedia

Schön, dass es jetzt auch als download zur Verfügung steht.




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