Schweden geht neue Wege im Filesharing (vielleicht)

Komplette Legalisierung von Filesharing, in Schweden kein Ding der Unmöglichkeit: Im Gegenteil, ein ganz pragmatischer, verwertungsgesellschaftsbasierter Ansatz.

„In unserer Vision soll man all die Musik hören können, die im Internet zu haben ist, genauso wie wir Fernsehen gucken; legal und ohne darüber nachzudenken, was gerade dieses Programm uns kostet“

Wieder einmal zeigt sich, wie wichtig die kleineren europäischen Länder als Motor der Gesetzesmodernisierung sind. Bliebe natürlich anzumerken, dass noch nichts in trockenen Tüchern ist und abzuwarten, wie die Wirtschaft reagieren wird.

Hier der link zur Heise-Meldung.

Weit interessanter das Statement von STIM selbst. Hier ein Auszug:

„Obviously we must have laws that allow the effective prosecution of systematic criminal activity. In Sweden we need to update our legislation to European standard—we are behind the pack when it comes to having effective means of going after openly illegal activity online. Laws that state clearly what is and what is not allowed will always have an important place in shaping popular attitudes to copyright on artistic materials. But they will never be the whole solution.

The more fundamental issue is how we can bring about a situation that will benefit musicians and Internet users alike. A new paradigm is needed that will guarantee the creators of music proper remuneration for their work while leaving users free to enjoy all the freedom and flexibility of the net. In the debate so far, such proposals have been conspicuous by their absence.

The file sharing phenomenon, in which large networks of Internet users upload music and other files to be copied by others, exploits the full potential of Internet technology, making large volumes of music available for download anywhere in the world by quite simple means.

We want to sit down and talk with ISPs about what we and they can do to offer users a way of paying through their Internet charges for the music streaming through the providers’ networks — a way of making their music surfing legal.

Typically it will mean increasing the ordinary Internet user’s monthly charge by an amount related to the overall use of music on the net. In return, they will be free to legally download music from the net for their own use.

What will make this possible is for providers to sign licensing agreements with STIM and other rights societies—just as radio stations, supermarket chains and sports facilities do today. We are hoping to get other representatives of music right holders on board.

We can understand providers’ objections to having what they perceive as a law enforcement role thrust upon them. But we believe they will realise it is in their commercial interest to be able to offer services with added value over those they can offer today—services that will let customers use the Internet in a way that conforms to their own moral code and sense of fairness, without special action on their part.




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